Dienstag, 13. April 2010

again and again

ich habe angst.
ich weiß nicht wie.
aber ich weiß ich muss
ich muss es endlich in die hand nehmen...!


  1. It's alright, I am sure it's going to be alright. It might be complicated and quite tough (esp at the beginning) but if you're falling, we'll catch you and give you a place to rest. We're all going to support you until the end. At least I don't have the intention to leave.

    Fight for it with all you have 'cause there are a lot people who are there for you if you get in trouble.

    You're not alone and you're doing nothing wrong! Not at all. You're just true to yourself.

    Love. ♥

  2. Fidi, fidi, fidi...
    (now zuza is going to write german so sorry for mistakes)
    Hab' keinen Angst!!!
    Oft, um den richtigen Weg zu finden, muss man erst den falschen Weg gehen.
    Aber ich glaube dass du das ohne Fehler schaffen wirst!!
    Just do your best :] und alles wird gut :) glaub mir. und glaub an dich selbst! du schaffst das ;]