Mittwoch, 16. September 2009

Today I took many pictures..
dont know the reason why.
[vllt damit kiu auf jedem bild den komischen fleck suchen kann ;D]
But I figured out,
that I can take panorama pics with my mobile phone :D!

Aaand today my mom turned 52 ^^
I baked a applepie for her I hope its tasty.
On the way to the "Pagode", a chinese restaurant,
I sat in the cabriolet of my mom..
it was a cool feeling :D
I wish we could skip the winter..

And because something is wrong with our rain drain
there is a strange framework in front of our house o.o
My dad told me,
if I wanna go out at night
I can climb out of the window and use this thing to climb down, lol!
So no one will notice it.
I'm feeling good today
and I'm looking forward to drive to Leipzig (:

So..thats it!
Goodbye fuckers!

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  1. wuhu =D irgendwie sehen sie aus wie shwarze löcher aus einer anderen dimension, vllt die digiwelt XD