Samstag, 5. September 2009

i'm someone to the world

there a so many ppl who can make me smile with even one word,
so many ppl who make me feel good if they are happy.
so many ppl for wich i would hide my feelings just to make them smiling.
..and now i'm wondering if there is anybody who will smile 'cause of my words, will be feeling good, 'cause i'm happy or hide the bad mood just to make me smile... there someone for whom i'm the world?


  1. me! Everyday I give my best to make you smile. I really thought I would be in love with you but it isn't that. You're like a brother to me. And now a few sentences in german 'cause my english is bad and it's early. x___X
    wenn du dich mal zurükziehen willst da ist ein kleines eckchen in meinem herz was ich vor ein paar monaten mal eingerichtet habe. und ich freue mich wahnsinnig über deine worte und manchmal retten sie meinen tag. erst heute morgen mit der sms. und nun hauste rein =D

  2. just think it over
    do you just know noone?
    the answer is so simple