Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

A little pain

So let's start
Today I was at the "Galeria Kaufhof" with my parents and the friends of them. Because my mom has won a go-cart drive for her firm. They told me that I can take along a friend of mine, but I realised that there is nobody who I can ask... it really gets me down
Whatever! It was very fun to drive. I never ever drove a car until today, but I'm looking forward to get my driver license soon :D!
I often crashed into my dad but also this was pretty cool.
Afterwards Anni, Hannah and me went downtown and ate ice-cream.. I tried a new flavour: marshmallow, but it tasted like poo =_=
At 9pm kiu called me and I really enjoyed talking with her. It's long time ago, that I laughed so much at the telephone, thanks (:
Tomorrow kiu comes to my house. I have to get up at 7am =_= and we will go to the Harajuku Day.
I cant wait to see Kenzo, Migö and Reika again!!

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