Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Good morning Guy's!

I slept till 2:30pm but I'm still tired, wanna go back to beeeed!
But today my cousin comes to Berlin. I'm a bit afraid, because I really don't know how I can entertain him oô!
And today also a friend [I dont know if she is actually a friend of Anni or just a fan girl] arrived today. They went to Dennis and if my cousin Robby arrives I'm alone with him, waah =_=!
Later I'll meet Jan, because I need his belt. Don't have enough money to buy a cool belt like this :B
Aaaaand I remembered, that I have to call Yukii on saturday. I won't forget it òó!
I upload a picture she painted for me x3

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  1. ah how sweet! *___* thanks for the upload Q..Q~ I look forward to you X3~ ♥